New Years part two.

After our day of sledding and going to the spa, we headed to the beach near Ulsan… which I think is like north of Busan… we might have been in Omsan. 


In any case, we drank a lot of soju and ate a lot of ramen. After playing charades with the Koreans ( there were tons of dragons, and tons of Psy impressions) we celebrated at midnight. But the best part, and the reason for heading to the East, was that we got up really early to see the sunrise! 




Here is an idea of how crowded it was. It was very popular to come and watch the sunrise, but this picture is from before the sun came up. But then….. 



… and then…. 





WOW! so pretty. Then we headed over to the main festival location and had rice cake soup with egg in it. ( this is the traditional soup for the new year). And we turned to each other and realized that our Korean ages ( click the link for more info) were now one year more than they had been mere hours before. 




Finally, we watched some traditional drumming and dancing ( if you look closely, they’re on stage in the background). 


2 thoughts on “New Years part two.

  1. The NY Times or East Hampton Star — don’t recall which — reported that many Koreans from as far away as NYC were gathering on New Year’s Day on Montauk Pt. on the east side of the lighthouse to view the dawn. No mention of what they ate.

    • That’s so interesting! I never think about sunrise as the most important thing about New Year’s, but it was fun. Midnight seemed to take second place to the sunrise. I’ll look for the article and show my kids!

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